South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands

South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands is a British Overseas Territory in the southern Atlantic Ocean.  Stunningly beautiful and rugged, this island wildlife sanctuary, once visited, is not easily forgotten. Its snow covered peaks, blue glacier ice and emerald green bays are breathtaking sights.

It is a real “oasis” in the stormy southern oceans and is home to amazing wildlife like penguins, albatrosses, seals, whales and petrels.

LATEST NEWS      (News Archive)

The SGSSI annual stakeholder meeting was attended by around 60 stakeholders representing a wide range of interests and views. The GSGSSI Powerpoint presentation “Strategy 2016 - 2020: One Year” can now be downloaded[...]
GSGSSI has provided an update on the proposal to take forward the Government’s heritage policy set out in the Strategy 2016-2020. The Government intends to develop and deliver these policy objectives in conjunction with stakeholders, with whom we will work to increase outreach and public engagement in the cultural heritage of the Territory.[...]
GSGSSI are celebrating Toothfish Day with a reception and quiz at Government House. The national holiday, which marks the end of the toothfish fishing season in SGSSI, was created to acknowledge the importance of the Patagonian Toothfish fishery to the government and to highlight the challenges of promoting and managing sustainability, ecosystem conservation and the fight against illegal fishing of not only this commercially valuable fish, but of all illegal fishing in the world’s oceans.[...]
The Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands has completed its consideration of the views expressed during the consultation on new legislation on Administration of Justice and Income Tax.[...]
The Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands’ financial statements for the year ending 2015 have been published.[...]



South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands is a UK Overseas Territory situated 800 miles SE of the Falkland Islands. Find out more about this incredible island[...]
Find out how the South Georgia fishery is managed
Find out how the South Georgia fishery is managed[...]
SGSSI Strategy outlining key objectives and responsibilities[...]
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GSGSSI has created one of the world’s largest, sustainably managed Marine Protected Area that encompasses the entire SGSSI[...]
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The South Georgia Geographic Information System enables access to spatially explicit information about the environmental landscape[...]
Webcam situated at King Edward Point. Transmitting 24x7, every 10 minutes[...]