Darwin Initiative

The Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) is proud to support science that contributes to upholding best-practice environmental management and good governance of the Territory.

We are therefore delighted by the announcement of the recent Darwin Initiative funding and welcome applications that will support the broader aims of the Government.


To allow GSGSSI to consider requests for support we require the following:

1. Completed Darwin application form

2. Separately identified details of support being requested such as (not exhaustive list) Project Partner, Funding, Letter of Support, Logistics, Staff Time, Accommodation or Boat time

3. Details of how GSGSSI will be included in any outreach and PR and how that supports Government.

4. Written motivation outlining how this project aligns with GSGSSI goals or builds on previous scientific endeavour.


These documents should be submitted to GSGSSI at admin(at)gov.gs no later than 10 working days prior to the submission deadline (dates below). Except in exceptional circumstances will not be able to support or prioritise submissions made later than this deadline.

Requests for support must be with GSGSSI no later than:

Darwin Main Project Stage1 Applications*– 2nd July

Darwin Fellowship – 22nd October

Darwin Partnership Awards – 22nd October

* Please note that for Darwin Main Project funding, it is important applicants provide GSGSSI with as much information as possible at the stage 1 application phase. If invited to submit a stage 2 application, GSGSSI will invite applicants to provide further details as the project develops. Projects that have not sought to engage GSGSSI during phase 1 will not be eligible to receive a letter of support for phase 2.