GSGSSI Consultations

Current GSGSSI consultations and a list of previous consultations with outcomes.

Current Consultations



Guidance to Help Tourism Operators Plan Medical Provision for Visits to South Georgia


Outcome - November 2016

GSGSSI is pleased to make available "Guidelines for the Provision of Medical Care in South Georgia and other Antarctic Marine Areas by Seaborne Adventure Tourism”. This document identifies the medical risks associated with visits to South Georgia and offers advice and guidance to cruise ship operators and other visitors about the provision of appropriate medical care. The guidance in this document reflects expert medical advice prepared for the GSGSSI by World Extreme Medicine following consultation with stakeholders and a medical expert peer review process.

We hope operators will welcome this guidance and we encourage them to use it to help them to ensure that their vessels have appropriate medical resources on board and ashore to care for passengers and crew during visits to South Georgia.

The guidance is not intended to be comprehensive or prescriptive, but sets out guidelines and suggestions for operators with a wider application to the tourism in the southern oceans and operators should take such further advice as they consider necessary.

We hope, that these guidelines will be of assistance and will prove to be helpful for the operators of visiting tourist vessels and private vessel owners alike.

Download here. [.pdf, 1.4mb]

Application of English Law to SGSSI





Consultation - November 2016

Letter from the Chief Executive. [pdf, 0.3 mb]

Consultation paper on Application. [pdf, 0.1mb]

Application of Laws Ordinance. [pdf, 0.1mb]

Draft GSGSSI Policy on Application of Laws . [pdf, 0.1mb]

Administration of Justice and Income Tax


Outcome - August 2016.

Response in relation to Administration of Justice. [.pdf, 0.6mb]

Response in relation to Income Tax. [.pdf, 0.6mb]


Consultation - March 2016

Letter from the Chief Executive. [pdf, 0.3mb]

Consultation paper on Administration of Justice. [pdf, 0.1mb]

Draft Administration of Justice Ordinance. [pdf, 0.1mb]

Consultation paper on Income Tax. [pdf, 0.1mb]

Draft Income Tax Ordinance. [pdf, 0.1mb]



Outcome - October 2016

Response to the consultation in relation to Policing. [pdf, 0.6mb]


Consultation - August 2016

Letter from the Chief Executive about this consultation [.doc, 0.01mb].

Consultation paper on Policing  [.docx, 0.01mb].

Draft Police Ordinance  [.docx, 0.01mb].

Immigration and Customs


Outcome - October 2016

Response to the consultation in relation to Customs. [pdf, 0.6mb]


Consultation - May 2016

Letter from the Chief Executive. [.pdf, 0.3Mb]
Consultation paper on Immigration. [.pdf, 0.1Mb]
Draft Immigration Ordinance. [.pdf, 0.15Mb]
Consultation paper on Customs. [.pdf, 0.1Mb]
Draft Customs Ordinance. [.pdf, 0.1Mb]