Heritage Survey Works At Grytviken

King Edward Point and Grytviken have recently had visits from two teams of heritage surveyors, Purcell’s and Geometria. The visiting teams have been undertaking work for the Grytviken Conservation Management Plan (CMP). This project has been commissioned by GSGSSI in line with the Government’s objectives set out in its 5-year Strategy 2016-2020, and follows the publication of its Heritage Framework and Strategy in December 2017.

The Grytviken Conservation Management Plan will assist the longer term management of the site and help inform heritage decision making. Both surveying teams were on the ground in South Georgia, based at King Edward Point for approximately two weeks and undertook survey works at Grytviken. The Purcell team were undertaking condition surveys on the Main stores and Flensing plan as well as gaining an understanding of the site’s historical development over the years and assessing the significance of heritage artefacts.

Geometria have previously carried out LIDAR laser surveys of the whaling stations on South Georgia. This visit added further data for Grytviken, focusing on areas of specific interest to the CMP, notably the Main Stores and Flensing plan. New drone technology was used that links in with the laser scans. Some of the initial drone footage of Grytviken call be seen on YouTube and below.

GSGSSI expects the Conservation Management Plan to be published later in the year.