New Visit Permit Application Forms and Accompanying Guidance Document


Ahead of the 2018/19 visitor season the Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) is pleased to publish the new visit permit application forms and accompanying guidance document ‘Visiting South Georgia 2018/19’. The guidance document has a new look and is designed to be easier to navigate with a table of contents, coloured page tabs and clickable links to key documents. A key update is the new protocol for the number and placement of rodent monitoring stations on board vessels (Annex 9). The protocol has been designed after a number of potential rodent ‘hot spots’ on vessels were identified during our recent rodent detector dog trial, and means that some vessels will require a maximum of six rodent bait stations based on their design and layout. Another change is that relevant sections from the ‘Biosecurity Handbook’ are incorporated, such that the ‘Visiting South Georgia’ booklet contains all essential information for visiting yachts and vessels.

Visit Permit application forms have been updated and split into two parts. Vessels and yachts making return visits during the season will only need to complete ‘Part 1 – Vessel (or Yacht) Details’ once per season unless information changes, and submit ‘Part 2 – Visit Details’ for each voyage. If this format proves successful, next season we will consider accepting Part 1 applications earlier in the year and then accept Part 2 applications after the IAATO scheduler opens. It is hoped that this will spread the administrative burden on both applicants and GSGSSI.

The updated documents can be found online here.