2019 Science Morning

In September of this year, The Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) welcomed over 40 scientists to Kew Gardens to share with others, mainly scientists who have recently worked on SGSSI, why South Georgia is so important to their work. It was a very successful morning with fascinating presentations from a broad range of disciplines bringing welcome focus to our discussions about the need, or not, for a science strategy as we look to preparing the 2021-2026 strategy. The presentations are now available to view. Helen Havercroft, CEO, would like to thank everyone for taking part in the successful event and hopes participants and audience gained as much from the experience as she did.


2019 Science Agenda – 12th September 2019 [.pdf, 0.3mb]

Glacial history and environmental change on South Georgia – Dominic Hodgson [.pdf, 4.7mb]

Collaboration on South Georgia – Colin Clubbe [.pdf, 1.6mb]

South Georgia Renaissance – a unique scientific opportunity – David Vaughan [.pdf, 3.2mb]

Large-scale conservation in the Southern Ocean – Penguin Watch – Dr Tom Hart [.pdf, 2.8mb]

Sealing Archaeology – Marcus Brittain [.pdf, 10.3mb]

Plant management on South Georgia – Rosemary Newton [.pdf, 3.6mb]

Does Methane matter? Gas seepage on the shelf of South Georgia – Katrin Linse, Gerhard Bohrmann & teams [.pdf, 6.2mb]

Microbial biodiversity and Environmental change – Anne D. Jungblut [.pdf, 20.9mb]