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Three Brothers Film to be broadcast.

Crag Jones has reported that a 5 part series of his Expedition and first ascent of the Three Brothers is due to be broadcast on channel s4c digital for free on SKY/cable (www.s4c.co.uk). Skip Novak, Crag Jones and Alan Hughes expedition in the Yacht Pelagic last austral summer. Sub titles are available via page 888 on Teletex/Cefax. The first 30 minute programme will be broadcast at 8 pm an Thursday 14 November and the 4 remaining programmes on Thursday at 8 pm. The programme will be repeated at 6.30 pm on Tuesdays from 20th November. The Welsh programme title is "Haf Ganol Gaeaf" (Summer Midst Winter). The 5 part series covers:
· Sailing to get there and back
· History of the island
· South Georgia's wildlife
· First ascent of the 'Three Brothers'

Petrel. Oil Spill Response Limited, using Sealbulk Condor removed heavy furnace oil from the vessel in April. They were only partially successful, as they had been contracted to clean out Dias and Albatross as well.

South Georgia Museum 11th Annual Report Published (July 2001 to August 2002)
The museum celebrated its tenth operational birthday on 21 January 2002. Extracts from Tim and Pauline Carr's report are included below:

· Grytviken Whaling Station Closed. GSGSSI reluctantly has had to close the whaling station to visitors on health and safety grounds. The buildings have deteriorated since maintenance ceased in the 1970s and the station contains hazardous materials such as asbestos. A path to the cemetery has been established behind the station.
· King Edward Point Refurbished. Morrisons have completed a splendid clean up of King Edward Point. Shackleton House and other unnecessary buildings have been demolished. Larsen House has been completely refurbished. The exterior of Discovery House has been renovated and asbestos material removed from inside. A path and steps now lead to Shackleton's memorial cross thanks to Pete Wilmot and his Morrison team.
· Ship and Museum Visits. Since July 2001 there have been 72 vessels visiting the island. Thirty three cruise ships with some 2,377 passengers plus crews and staff visited, Six HM warships, two Royal Fleet Auxiliary and two MOD charter vessels also visited. BAS research vessels made six calls, Fisheries Protection Vessels made 12 calls, 17 Yachts visited and RV Braveheart on charter to a amateur radio expedition called. Approximately 5,000 people visited the museum.
· Studies. Sally Poncet and Dr Jenny Scott continued their work throughout the summer on the Environmental Baseline Survey. Mark and Fraser Carpenter on eth yacht Joshua continued their rat eradication programme throughout the summer. Jerome Poncet in Golden Fleece moved young reindeer from South Georgia to Beaver Island in the Falkland Islands. His new herd is reported to be doing well.
· Expeditions. Crag Jones achieved the first solo ascent of the highest of the Three Brother's peaks at 2040 metres (6,693 feet), which was the highest of the remaining unclimbed peaks on the island. Aurora Expeditions under the leadership of Greg Mortimer achieved a successful crossing of Shackleton's Route with his clients in November. Warren Miller Films made an extreme ski and snow boarding film of their descent of Nordenskold and the descent of Mount Norman at the south-west tip of the island.

· Museum Development. All ground floor windows have been replaced. A new main entrance with strengthened stairs and two carved oak pillars has been created. An upstairs workshop has been built. A continuous power supply has been installed from King Edward Point and the museum has been re-wired. The museum also has access to a fibre optic cable link to KEP for email has been installed. Exhibits outside have been re-painted and the planted grass has started to grow.

· Museum Exhibits. Two new exhibits are being created. An Engineering room includes a newly restored steam pump from a whale catcher and a Bolinder diesel engine that was used to power a small vessel to drag whale carcasses across the cove to the flensing plan. An Administrative room represents British Administration from 1909, the 1982 conflict and its aftermath and a description of the current's administration and some of their policies.

Kino Grytviken. The wrecked of the Kino (cinema) , blown down in 1985 by high winds, was buried last December by Morrisons.

Morrisons. Morrisons Ltd cleaned up a large amount of scrap from the area of the museum, put up fences to prevent access to the whaling station and established a bridge across the river by the football pitch to allow access to the cemetery.

Iohn Anderson Grave. A combined effort by HMS ENDURANCE and the Yacht Tooluka has re-established Iohn Anderson's Grave Headboard in Prince Olaf Harbour. Tim Carr has refurbished the Headboard.

Stromness Villa. A survey of the villa has revealed that the main structural timbers are rotten and it is in very poor condition both inside and out. To be reinstated it would need to be rebuilt.


Field Mushrooms. Tim Carr found two field mushrooms on the Barff Peninsula and Land cress was found growing at King Edward Point. The first time these species had been recorded on South Georgia.

Anglo/Norwegian Group. A Group called the Temporary Anglo/Norwegian Grytviken Group (TANNG) meet in Sandefjord on 8 November to discuss how to help the Government of South Georgia preserve the whaling heritage in Grytviken in view of the asbestos remediation work that is necessary there. Under the Chairmanship of Stig Tore Lunde whom the Minos Foundation has employed for two and half years to develop policies to preserve whaling heritage in the South Atlantic, the group developed various ideas. The South Georgia Government is currently considering the Group's proposals.

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