Allison Kean – Visitor Management Officer

Allison Kean

Allison Kean – Visitor Management Officer

After a thorough recruitment and selection process, GSGSSI are proud to announce the appointment of Allison Kean as the our new Visitor Management Officer.

Born and raised in Northern Ontario (Canada), Allison has always loved the outdoors. Her career has taken her around the world as a tour guide, managing programming for non-profits in South and Central America and, most recently, overseeing logistics and sustainability for a Polar Expedition operator.

Allison is an avid outdoorswoman who gets outside whenever she can to camp, hike or canoe. If she’s not adventuring outside or travelling, you’ll probably find her cross-stitching.

Allison will arrive in the Falklands in early May to take up her role, and we all look forward to working with her.