Darwin Plus Main: Round 12, 2023/24

26th April 2023

The Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) is proud to promote and encourage science that contributes to developing and upholding best-practice environmental management and that supports the active management and good governance of the Territory.

We are therefore delighted by the announcement of the latest round of Darwin Initiative funding and welcome applications that will contribute to the broader aims of the Government.

The Government’s vision for the future of the South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands and our priority work areas are clearly laid out in ‘Protect Sustain Inspire’, our values-driven approach to the stewardship of SGSSI. The Government would encourage anyone who is considering submitting a Darwin Plus proposal for a SGSSI based project to read this document and give thought to how their research could support the aims stated in Protect Sustain Inspire.

Additionally, for marine related proposals, our Marine Protected Area Research and Monitoring Plan (RMP) [.pdf] identifies monitoring activities and research needs to address questions related to the MPA objectives and to improve knowledge and understanding of the SGSSI marine ecosystem. Again we encourage you to consider how your project may address the research needs within the RMP to support the management of the MPA.

To allow GSGSSI to consider requests for support we require the following:

  1. A completed Darwin application form
  2. A separate document which identifies in detail what resources/facilities/support are being requested from GSGSSI e.g. project partner, funding, letter of support, logistics, staff time, accommodation, lab space and scientific equipment use, boat time, waiving of fees etc. This should also include frequency of project meetings and workshops where GSGSSI will be required/requested to attend. This will allow us to assess whether costings are accurate and fully cover all aspects of undertaking fieldwork on SGSSI and any GSGSSI project involvement.
  3. Written motivation outlining how this project aligns with current GSGSSI management challenges or builds on previous scientific endeavour. As appropriate, this should clearly reference the commitments in Protect Sustain Inspire that it will help GSGSSI deliver, and for marine proposals which RMP research needs it will support.
  4. An outline of how GSGSSI will be included in any outreach and PR and how that supports Government.

These documents should be submitted to GSGSSI at sue.gregory(at)gov.gs by 17:00 (BST) 24 May 2023 (5 working days prior to the Darwin Stage 1 submission deadline of 31 May 2023).

Except in exceptional circumstances, we will not be able to support or prioritise submissions made later than this deadline.

Several high-quality Darwin proposals for research at SGSSI have been successfully funded in recent years. With GSGSSI already committed to supporting these projects, our capacity to actively support additional projects including though participation in project steering groups, attendance at workshops or policy engagement is now limited. As such, we will rank requests for support based on how the research aligns with GSGSSI priorities and what level of collaboration and engagement is required from Government staff.

Applicants should also be aware that access to South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands has been significantly constrained in recent years due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Now that travel restrictions have been relaxed we are facing high levels of demand for logistic support which may impact our ability to facilitate on-island work.

* Please note that for Darwin funding, it is important applicants provide GSGSSI with as much information as possible at the Stage 1 application phase. If invited to submit a Stage 2 application, GSGSSI will invite applicants to provide further details as the project develops. Projects that have not sought to engage GSGSSI during Stage 1 will not be eligible to receive a letter of support for Stage 2.