Delivery of Protect, Sustain, Inspire – Development of Success Criteria and Milestones

(25th Oct 2021)

Protect, Sustain, Inspire provides the framework within which the Government will drive forward its policies to ensure that SGSSI continues to be an ecosystem in recovery. PSI sets out a stewardship framework for the next five years, but the values contained in that document will continue to underpin the Government’s work beyond 2025.

To meet its responsibilities to deliver PSI, the Government has set out a number of draft success criteria and milestones through which it can prioritise its work and provide clarity around the Government plans.

As with PSI, the views of those with an interest in SGSSI are a key aspect of developing Government policy. For that reason, we are inviting your views of the draft success criteria and milestones. We will consider the responses, before finalising our approach in January next year.

When commenting, it is important to note that these are high level criteria, and the milestones themselves need to be sufficiently high level to be clear and concise. The detail of the how milestones will be achieved will be a matter for detailed project planning by the Government in the future. For example, the milestone “By 2025 the monitoring and assessment requirements of GSGSSI to support the delivery of its policy outcomes will be identified and implementation underway”, is set at a level to target the delivery of those outcomes. It is not necessary to highlight what those monitoring and assessment requirements should be within the context of this consultation.

We welcome your comments. Please note that all comments received will be made public. Comments must include the name of the person commenting, organisation that person represents and an e-mail address. Thank you for your cooperation.

Download consultation paper here. [.docx]

** 11th November update: Please note, the closing date for responses is now end of day 24th November ** 

** Now closed **