Environmental Impact Assessment

As part of the forthcoming development of a new wharf at King Edward Point, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have developed an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to identify the potential environmental risks of the project and propose appropriate mitigation and monitoring measures.

As outlined in our 2016-2020 Strategy, GSGSSI are committed to ensuring that robust EIA procedures are in place. To ensure high standards are upheld, for a major project such as the King Edward Point wharf development, we have solicited independent external review of the EIA.

The EIA is also available to download here for public comment. If you wish to make comment on the document please use the template provided.

Please note:
– When entering your comments please identify what broad category it falls under i.e. factual error, grammatical or spelling correction, additional information requirement, additional mitigation requirement, methodology/assessment query, comment with no action needed or other.
– If your comments relate to the need for additional information or mitigation measures we would be grateful if you could suggest a source for these.

Comments should be submitted to permits(at)gov.gs by Monday 12th August.

Comments made by external reviewers and the general public, along with the BAS response to them, will be made available online. If you wish to remain anonymous, please make this clear when you submit your comments.

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