‘Future South Georgia’ Competition

(The deadline for this competition now extended to the 14th of June._

We are writing a plan to help protect South Georgia and its wildlife and we need your help!

South Georgia is a special place. Right at the bottom of the Atlantic, near Antarctica, it is home to more seabirds and seals than anywhere else on earth. Some of the stars of the show are penguins, seals, albatrosses and whales, but it is also a place of towering mountains, enormous glaciers and epic history. Our plan will describe how we will make sure that South Georgia remains safe and protected, and a place that can be enjoyed for years to come, and we’d like your ideas.



Draw a picture or write a poem to show us what you would like the island to look like 20 years in the future.

  • Would there be more wildlife?
  • How would climate change have affected the glaciers?
  • Would there be lots of visitors – how would they get there?
  • What new technology do you think might help conserve the environment?


The Prize!

The winning entries will receive a South Georgia goodie bag and have their entry published in our plan for all to see.

For ideas, and to learn more about South Georgia, you can visit:








1) This competition is open to everyone 16 or under

2) There are three age categories:

  • Under 7 years old
  • 7-10 years old
  • 11-16 years old

3) Pictures and poems should all fit on to 1 A4 Page. The closing date is 14th June 2020.


If your entry is selected as one of the winners, it might be used for outreach and displayed on South Georgia

Get an adult to take a picture of your entry and send it to futureSG@gov.gs along with your name and age.

Good Luck!


King Penguins Marching