South Georgia remains free from Covid-19. GSGSSI have implemented strict procedures to minimise the risk of exposure to staff at South Georgia, and work continues in as normal a fashion as possible on the island. The tourist season is now complete and Grytviken will remain closed to visitors until at least August 2020. The wharf development continues with works entering the final phase, and preparations for the upcoming fishing season are continuing.

Staff based in the UK and the Falkland Islands are following the advice given by those countries. Therefore all office staff are now working from home, and traveling only when essential.

We wish all our partners, stakeholders, colleagues, friends and family the very best at this difficult and worrying time. If there are things you think we can do right now to further reduce anxiety or concern please let us know. We are still here to talk if you need us, but our work numbers are not being routinely manned. Please email us if you are struggling to contact us by other means.

Work will continue as best it can but it may be that you will get a slower response than you might have come to expect. We ask for your understanding as we adapt to the current global situation.