Public Consultation On A Proposed New Entry Control Ordinance


The Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands is seeking your views on the proposed new Entry Control Ordinance. This Ordinance will replace the current Immigration legislation to put in place modern legislation to control the entry of persons in the South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (the “Territories”). Responses to the Consultation must be received before 8th April 2022.

This Ordinance will replace and repeal the current Immigration legislation, the Immigration Ordinance 1965 and the associated Immigration Regulations 1965. These legislative provisions originally put in place when the Territories were a part of the Colony of the Falkland Islands. The Government considers that the 1965 legislation is no longer fit for purpose. It does not clearly and understandably deliver the key policy aims, it is not reflective of current custom and practise, offers antiquated, and often offensive language to describe classes of people. It is no longer reflective of modern values of gender equality or fairness.

The proposed Ordinance outlines a simplified system based on the principle that a person wishing to enter the Territories must have the permission of the Government to do so. A person wanting permission to enter must provide certain basic information if they wish to have a permit to enter the Territory. This information is required so that the Government can be sure about the identity of those entering the Territory, the purpose of the visit, the duration of their stay and that they are not a person to whom the Government would refuse permission to enter. Certain classes of persons will be exempt from the entry permit provisions.

The Ordinance ensures there is no right of permanent abode in the Territories, places obligations on masters of vessels with respect to the landing of persons in the Territories and provides for modern provisions relating to deportation and the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.

The consultation paper and the draft Ordinance can be downloaded below. We would be grateful if your responses could be made using the online response form. All responses to the consultation will be made available to the public, unless otherwise indicated by the respondent.

Consultation Paper [.docx, 0.2mb]

Draft Ordinance [.pdf, 0.5mb]

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