Regulated Activity Permits Season Open

The Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands is delighted to announce that applications for Regulated Activity Permits (RAP) for the 2023/24 season are now open.

If you are planning to come to South Georgia, and your activities involve: collection of samples of any kind, animal handling, installation of equipment, the use of drones, close approach to wildlife (such as for certain types of media filming or monitoring), overnight stays in tents, construction, maintenance and environmental management work; these are likely to involve activities which are prohibited and could require a RAP before commencing.

For this season we have updated our application structure and the revised application forms account for provisions which are expected under new Specially Protected Area (SPA) Regulations. By opening applications now, we are giving everyone opportunity to plan their activities and develop the required documentation in good time. However, please note that permits will not be issued until after the SPA Regulations are finalised in the coming month.

Guidance of when to apply for a RAP, types of application and application forms are available in the ‘Regulated Activity Permit’ section of the GSGSSI website.