Updated Non-Native Plant Management Strategy Released

(Media Release: 8th June 2022)

The control and management of non-native species is a key factor in ensuring that South Georgia continues to be an ecosystem in recovery. Under the Protect, Sustain, Inspire framework, the Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) has committed to comprehensive invasive plant management.

Today, we are delighted to launch our updated Non-Native Plant Management Strategy which will deliver that goal.

Bittercress control at KEP.

This Non-Native Plant Management Strategy builds on the 2016-2020 document and will guide the delivery of an effective programme of control of high priority non-native plant species at key sites through the continued use of data management tools which optimise the efficacy of field workers.

In order to develop non-native plant management on South Georgia further, the Government recognises that whist control remains the priority, there needs to increased investment into research on non-native plant life histories and climate change impacts. Additionally, capacity building is needed to secure the skills base the project will require in the future.

Non-native plant management work is part of a broader commitment to protect the ecosystems of South Georgia through the implementation of Protect, Sustain, Inspire, as detailed in our Implementation Programme.

The plan can be downloaded from here.