Regulated Activity Permit

If you are visiting South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands for a purpose other than tourism, a Regulated Activity Permit (RAP) may be required.

There are three categories of application depending on the complexity of your project. This will ensure that environmental assessments are scalable and commensurate with the potential impacts of activities and appropriate safety and search and rescue provision is in place. Some activities require a permit under the Wildlife and Protected Areas Ordinance 2011 (WPA) particularly where they involve interactions with wildlife, plants and/or import or export of samples. This permitting requirement will be incorporated within the RAP application process. Failure to have a permit or breaking the terms of a permit could be a criminal offence under the WPA.

The Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Island has a Privacy Policy regarding the purpose, use and sharing of any Personal Information collected via Regulated Activity Permit applications:

Please note that there are some activities that GSGSSI will not permit. These include:

  • Use of aircraft including helicopters and hot air balloons.
  • Field projects which are not supported by BAS and that do not have a dedicated support vessel.
  • Use of explosives.
  • Importation of non-native species.
  • Methods or activities that are banned under CCAMLR.

Exceptions to the above may be granted by the Commissioner in exceptional circumstances.

Persons wishing to carry out activities that are covered by international law, treaty or convention e.g. UNCLOS should ensure that they comply with all relevant requirements.

2020 – 2021

All RAP projects which export samples from the Territory are required to complete an exported material declaration and return this to the Office of the Commissioner. A template can be downloaded here [.xlsx]